Government and Public Policy

Professionals in the government sector—such as legislative personnel, lobbyists, and government officers—must have a comprehensive understanding of the US legal system to effectively impact public policy. A Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree will provide you with the legal skills to effectively participate in the political process. You will gain the skills required to analyze and propose legislation, mediate between parties, and lobby congress.

Career paths in government and public policy that you can pursue with our Master of Legal Studies degree include:

Legislative Personnel, Assistants, and Aides

Legislative personnel, assistants, and aides require a fundamental understanding of the US legal system to be effective at their job. An MLS will prepare you with the legal skills you need to successfully shape public policy, whether you are advising politicians, drafting legal documents, or researching new legislation.


Lobbyists are professionals who work on behalf of their clients to influence legislation and decisions made by governmental officials. Courses in the online MLS program—such as Negotiation Theory and Practice, Contracts, and Constitutional Law—will develop your understanding of the legal processes behind the legislations that interest your clients. The legal skills gained from an MLS will improve your ability to negotiate new legislation and educate government officials on important issues.


To effectively draft legislation, implement policies, and propose new laws, politicians need a deep understanding of the US legal system. With an MLS degree, you will further your expertise in various legal topics—including health law, employment law, and constitutional law—allowing you to make more informed legislative decisions for those you represent.

Congressional Staffers

Congressional staffers aid members of Congress by performing duties such as conducting legislative research, writing press releases, and speaking to the media. With enhanced legal research and legal writing skills gained through an MLS, you will make better decisions and more effectively communicate with members of Congress.

Government Relations Officers

Government relations officers analyze large amounts of information regarding legislation and government funding to aid their client’s lobbying efforts. With an MLS degree, you will further your knowledge of topics such as legal research, legal writing, and contract negotiation. With a deeper understanding of legal processes, you will more accurately draft summaries of bills and research legislation for your clients.

Relevant Courses