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Is an Online MBA Worth It?

What Is An Online MBA and Who Is It Intended For?


Is an online MBA degree a good option today and is it worth the cost? This page seeks to answer all your questions.

A Guide to Managing Your Studies

As a student, your full-time job is to manage your studies and succeed in school. By learning important time-management techniques early, you can benefit from these skills both now and as you get older. Knowing how to take notes effectively, how to study them later, and how to manage your stress levels will also be important for you as a student. Once you learn these techniques, you may find that they benefit you after graduation when you enter the business world. Time Management Make a list of things to do every day and work from this list to tackle your tasks. […]

How to Do a Digital Detox

This guide from Psychology@Pepperdine can help the process of offloading digital devices from your life.

ABA Certifications

Learn about the types of behavior analyst certification (BCBA, BCaBA, RBT, BCBA-D), board certified behavior analyst requirements, BCBA salary and more.

How to Become a Human Resources Manager

With American employees working more hours than ever before, there’s no denying that work environments are shaping our lives—even for people who are working from home. The rise of the remote workforce presents new opportunities for human resources managers to think creatively and intentionally about employee benefits, company strategy, talent management and the future of workplace culture. Well-trained and highly motivated HR managers have the unique chance to become organizational leaders who help employees navigate the evolving workplace and serve as a bridge between companies and their workers. What Is Human Resources Management? Human resources management is the function of […]

Business Analyst vs. Data Analyst

Ready to become a business analyst or data analyst? Learn about the differences between a business analyst and a data analyst such as education and salary.