Social Work

Understanding the laws affecting the communities and clients you serve will aid you in upholding their rights. A Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree will provide you with the legal skills you need to be a stronger advocate and strive for social justice.

Career paths in social work that you can pursue with our Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree include:

Social Workers and Protective Services Officers

Social workers and protective services officers advocate for clients by helping them cope with problems and developing plans to improve their situation. An MLS will provide you with the legal skills you need to communicate with government agencies, insurance companies, and community outreach programs that can provide assistance to your clients. Through courses like Civil Procedure and Litigation and Arbitration Theory and Practice, you will strengthen your understanding of legal topics such as criminal justice and civil rights.

Public Welfare Administrators

Public welfare administrators serve their community by creating and implementing social service programs. An MLS degree will provide you with a better understanding of the legal processes behind those programs and what makes them effective. The legal skills gained from an MLS will enhance your ability to organize new programs, train social workers, and evaluate budgets.

Relevant Courses