Dispute Resolution

Professionals with expertise in dispute resolution can apply negotiation, mediation, and arbitration skills in a variety of settings to manage conflict and find solutions that work for both parties. Through the online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program and optional concentration in dispute resolution, you will learn the skills needed to solve difficult situations and negotiate for better outcomes.

Industries and fields in dispute resolution that you can pursue with our Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree include:

Corporate and Organizational Conflict Management

Understanding the techniques corporations and organizations use when managing lawsuits, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and employee conflicts is critical for dispute resolution professionals. Preventing, managing, and resolving issues on a corporate scale requires an in-depth understanding of dispute resolution. An MLS with a concentration in dispute resolution will provide you with the expertise you need to effectively mediate for large organizations and manage the impact that disputes have on your company.

International Dispute Resolution

Understanding the cultural differences and legal systems between parties is a key component of any successful international negotiation. With an MLS with a concentration in dispute resolution, you will deepen your understanding of international mediation through courses such as Cross-Cultural Conflict and Dispute Resolution, Mediation Theory and Practice, and Arbitration Theory and Practice.

Labor Dispute Resolution

Representatives for labor unions participate in lengthy negotiations and research employment laws of their specific industry. Through courses such as Contracts and Negotiation Theory and Practice, you will be able to better communicate and work toward the interests of the union you represent.

Relevant Courses