Intellectual Property

Companies seeking to solve issues and protect ideas involving trademark law, patent law, or copyright law can turn to intellectual property specialists and patent agents to meet their specific needs. Through the online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program, you will deepen your understanding of topics such as intellectual property and copyright law to more effectively communicate with your clients.

Career paths in intellectual property that you can pursue with our Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree include:

Intellectual Property Specialists

Intellectual property specialists are responsible for understanding each step of how an IP is granted, protected, and enforced. Our MLS program offers courses such as Intellectual Property and Contracts, where you will gain an understanding of the laws that affect copyright and trademark systems while developing your skills for drafting contracts and agreements.

Patent Agents

Acting as both a researcher and negotiator for their clients, patent agents are involved in all aspects of intellectual property law. An MLS degree will supplement your background of science and technology with the legal knowledge required to serve your clients, whether you are filing for patents, completing patent paperwork, or navigating intellectual property issues.

Relevant Courses