Pepperdine Caruso School of Law Licensure

The Master of Legal Studies and Master of Dispute Resolution programs are stand-alone programs designed to help students improve their ability to engage in a variety of activities associated with the law. The Master of Legal Studies and Master of Dispute Resolution are not J.D. degree programs and will not qualify a graduate to become a lawyer, practice law, sit for the bar exam, or engage in activities for which a law license is required. Coursework completed in either of these programs is not transferable to a J.D. program.

The Master of Laws in Dispute Resolution is an advanced law degree program designed for students that have earned a J.D. or a first professional degree in law. While the program may be useful for international students with a foreign law degree, the program is not designed to qualify these students to take a state bar examination. Bar examination eligibility requirements differ from state to state. Therefore, a student enrolling in this program should research the requirements in the state(s) in which they reside or intend to practice and contact the respective state bar association(s) for confirmation of their eligibility. Students enrolling in this program with the intention of creating eligibility for a state bar examination do so at their own risk.