Jennifer Lawrence

Master’s in Psychology

Office Manager, Alice In Hulaland

Kahului, HI

A History of Giving Back

Born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Maui, Jennifer came from family who were heavily involved in social services and giving back to their community. This history of outreach and caring for those in her hometown was at the core of her decision to pursue psychology.

“In high school, I chose to go into the human services department, then I went to get my bachelor’s degree from the University of Hawaii. I then worked in probationers and did behavior management for job corps, and that really ignited me to pursue my master’s degree—that’s how I ended up here.”

A Global Community

Jennifer was particularly impressed with the global nature of the Pepperdine community. She points to the added diversity in both background and work experience as yet another benefit that enhanced her classroom experience.

“The online culture is especially unique. There are people all over the world in your classes, so not only are you meeting people nearby in Los Angeles, but also as far as Taiwan. You’re learning about their experiences in real time.”

In the Workplace and Beyond

Jennifer has been able to utilize the tools she has gained in the online program not only in her career but throughout her day-to-day life. She credits the methods and strategies taught in the curriculum for helping her better treat her clients and strengthen personal relationships.

“I’ve utilized the knowledge and the resources that I’ve gained from Pepperdine both in my current job as well as in my everyday life. Whether I was navigating tough conversations in the workplace, creating treatment plans for my clients, or maintaining personal relationships, all these learnings came in handy and have really broadened my skill set.”

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