Intelligence and Homeland Security

PA career in intelligence and homeland security can span many different jobs, from FBI agent to CIA analyst to TSA screener. Regardless of their specific role, intelligence and homeland security professionals work with people, communities, governments, and business to ensure security and safety.

How Does Psychology Relate to a Career in Homeland Security?

Professionals who work in intelligence and homeland security have to look out for possible threats, interview people, and analyze behavior. Based on their findings, these professionals have to make decisions that affect individuals and communities. A background in psychology prepares professionals with the knowledge needed to make sound decisions on the job that will result in the best possible outcomes.

The online Master of Arts in Psychology program at Pepperdine University has a robust curriculum that prepares you for work in homeland security and intelligence. Course work will empower you to think critically about human behavior as it relates to security and safety.

Relevant Courses

Considering a Career in Intelligence or Homeland Security?

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