Advertising and Marketing

Professionals who work in advertising and marketing are responsible for creating communications that persuade people to buy a product or service. While there are many different professionals involved in the process, from market research to project management to creative, they’re all working toward that same goal.

The Psychology of Advertising and Marketing

Marketing professionals need to understand consumer wants and needs. Why would someone buy their product? What are they hoping to gain? What other products are they considering? A degree in psychology gives marketing and advertising professionals the knowledge they need to answer these questions and help businesses thrive.

The online Master of Arts in Psychology program at Pepperdine University has a robust curriculum that empowers you with the in-depth knowledge and skill set needed for a rewarding career in advertising and marketing. Course work will prepare you to translate consumer research into insights and advertisements that move the needle.

Relevant Courses

Considering a Career in Advertising or Marketing?

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