Greta Todd, PhD

Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Adjunct Professor


  • PhD, Palo Alto University
  • MA, Palo Alto University
  • Certificate in Forensic Proficiency, Palo Alto University
  • BS, Saint Mary’s College


Dr. Greta Todd is a licensed clinical psychologist who supervises a residential treatment program within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Last year, her program received personal recognition of superior treatment from the then-acting Director Thomas Kane. Her areas of interest have focused primarily within the forensic arenas, which has led her to work in the juvenile hall system, sex offender population, and federal prison.

In addition to her duties within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Todd continues to maintain a private practice in the community. She maintains an active membership within the American Psychological Association and has been cited in a Women’s Day magazine article regarding relationships and marriage.