Carole Gilmore

Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Adjunct Professor

Education: PhD

Industry Expertise: industrial and organizational

Research Interest: workplace stress and relationship stress


Dr. Carole Gilmore is a licensed professional counselor supervisor. She is also a certified mental health integrative medicine provider, certified anxiety treatment professional, master-certified ETT practitioner, EMDR trained, certified daring-way facilitator, and a prepare-enrich facilitator. Dr. Gilmore received a BS in psychology, an MS in mental health counseling and her PhD in industrial and organizational psychology. She owns and operates a private practice in North Dallas where she sees clients and supervises licensed professional counselor associates working towards full licensure. As a licensed professional counselor, she uses clinically tested and evidence-based interventions with her clients. Carole has worked with well over 200 couples in her private practice. In addition to her formal university training, she has attended multiple trainings on topics not limited to but including improving cultural competency, emotional transformation therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing training and understanding connection in interpersonal relationships. She and her husband of over 25 years, and their four children reside in Frisco, Texas.