Brad Conn

Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Adjunct Professor

Education: PhD

Industry Expertise: clinical psychology

Research Interest: psychological benefits of after-school programs for at-risk youth and sport psychology


Dr. Brad Conn has a PhD and MA in clinical psychology. Aside from his work as a psychotherapist, Dr. Conn’s current research interests include, and are not limited to, assessment of psychological well-being through the participation of sports programs, measuring the change in behavior of children and adolescents through behavior modification, and assessing psychological change in individuals that have sports-related physiological injury and head trauma. Prior research by Dr. Conn includes assisting in neuropsychological research for neurodegenerative disorders, the assessment of behavioral modification interventions for attention defiant hyperactivity disorder, validity of educational materials to teach LGBT tolerance, and measurements examining the psychological changes in athletes that participant in team sports. In addition to his therapeutic and research background, Dr. Conn was awarded a grant in which he developed and executed a first-time sport psychology programs at the Major League Baseball (MLB) Urban Youth Academy and the Drew League, both located in South Central Los Angeles, California. Dr. Conn’s current work, within the realm of sports, includes sport psychology and life skills programs for sports-related nonprofit foundations and the creation of an athlete transition program for former high school, college, and professional athletes.