Selected Issues: Conflict and Systems Design in Corporations and Organization

This two-unit survey course will explore corporate and organizational conflict management and the design of appropriate dispute resolution (ADR) systems, emphasizing the role of both attorneys and business leaders as problem solvers. Students will discuss various dispute resolution techniques that corporations and organizations utilize to prevent, manage, and resolve lawsuits, claims, and other forms of conflict.

Students will obtain an overview and understanding of:

  • Why litigation and other traditional forms of dispute resolution may not always be the best way for corporations and organizations to resolve conflict
  • What corporations and organizations have done to meet the challenges associated with the costs, time cycle, and uncertainty of litigation and other methods of dispute resolution
  • How some corporations and organizations design and institutionalize a program within their organization to proactively manage conflict
  • The benefits of early case assessment and early resolution strategies
  • An overview of the various dispute resolution processes that have been found to be effective in today’s business world