Geneva Study Tour

This course will include four asynchronous sessions as well as synchronous learning prior to the five-day study tour in Geneva, Switzerland.

This Online Programs Study Tour examines how international commercial and public disputes, including international sports disputes, are resolved by international organizations and dispute resolution institutions. The study tour employs the historic city of Geneva, Switzerland, as the backdrop for an immersive study-abroad experience. The course begins with an overview of Geneva and its place in the development of international law and international organizations. It then examines international commercial dispute resolution theory and practice and international sports dispute resolution theory and practice. For each of the topics, the asynchronous sessions explore how international organizations and institutions based in Geneva and beyond contribute to dispute resolution. Building on this background, site visits and guest lectures in the international city of Geneva provide opportunities for students to visit and interact with a variety of international and dispute resolution organizations.

Students who complete the study tour will have achieved a better understanding of how international disputes are resolved and will be better equipped to serve and contribute to the global community. The course not only provides a “hands-on” experience but allows students to become acquainted with Geneva’s unique history and its role in international dispute resolution.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will understand the key political and legal factors that influence the development of resolving disputes in the international realm. (CA1) 
  • Students will become familiar with the leading institutions and actors that contribute to transnational alternative dispute resolution. (CA1) 
  • Students will learn the basic substantive rules of major international dispute resolution bodies, such as those of the International Court of Justice and United Nations. (CA1) 
  • Students will understand the impact domestic dispute resolution has had and continues to exert over transnational dispute resolution. (CA2) 
  • Students will be able to wield their growing expertise in dispute resolution in a transnational setting. (CA2) 
  • Students will develop an understanding and appreciation for the ethical and moral implications and obligations of international dispute resolution bodies, procedures, and practitioners. (ME1)