Applying for Graduation

Please note, the school will send out detailed graduation information to all students who are in their final term of the program. Here are the steps that you can expect to complete when it comes time to graduate:

Step 1: Review your DAR
As a graduate student, you are expected to track your degree progress throughout your whole tenure as a student to ensure you’re completing all degree requirements needed to graduate, but this is particularly important when it is time to graduate. As such, the first step in the graduation application process is to review your DAR. For instructions on how to access your DAR, please see the Academic Advising Resources tab. Before you apply to graduate, you must complete a thorough check of your Degree Audit Report in your Student Center to confirm your academic requirements will be fulfilled by the time you graduate.

Step 2: Complete the Application for Graduation
In your final term, you will be sent an email containing the Graduation Application Form, where you can submit your intent to graduate.

Step 3: Settle Outstanding Obligations
Fulfill any outstanding obligations you have to the Caruso School of Law prior to graduation, including settling due balances on your Student Account.

Commencement Ceremonies

The Caruso School of Law commencement ceremony typically takes place once per year, in May, at Pepperdine’s Malibu campus at the beautiful Alumni Park.

Your cap, gown, and hood are rented by the Caruso School of Law at no cost to the graduates, and you are required to return them after the ceremony. You are encouraged to pick up your cap and gown early, prior to the date of the ceremony. If you’re unable to pick your regalia up early, you may collect it the morning of commencement. Regalia can be picked up on the 3rd floor of the Caruso School of Law in the Graduate Program Coordinator’s office beginning the Monday before the ceremony.

If you are interested in Pepperdine graduation products, please visit the Herff Jones website to place an order.

Your Accounts After Graduation

During your time at Pepperdine, you will have access to various accounts that will help you navigate your time as a student. After graduation, your access to those accounts may change.

  1. Your Pepperdine email account will migrate over to an alumni email account after graduation. You will need to make sure that you activate your alumni email account in order to use this functionality.
  2. Your WaveNet account will deactivate 90 days after graduation.
  3. You will retain access to your 2PEP platform and coursework for 90 days after your degree completion. Please save any materials or work you would like to keep outside of the platform by this time.

Diploma and Degree Information

Most graduates should expect their diploma to be mailed 6-8 weeks after the degree is posted in WaveNet. Diplomas are sent to the address that is on file in WaveNet, so students need to make sure their address in WaveNet is up to date to avoid any potential delay in receiving the diploma. If the address is undeliverable, the diploma will be sent back to the school and will not be sent again until the student’s address has been updated. You are able to order extra copies of your diploma for $75 per copy.

Request Official Transcripts

Official printed transcripts can be obtained for $5.00 by following the instructions on the Transcript Requests page of the Pepperdine Community website. If you have any questions or need to speak with someone, please contact Pepperdine Caruso Law’s Office of Student Information and Services at (310) 506-4638.