Course Registration

How to Register

Please see the dates and times of live sessions here by selecting “Online Programs Course Schedule”

Follow these instructions to register for your classes in WaveNet.

Step 1: Check for Holds on Your Account

Please log in to WaveNet and ensure there are not any holds on your student account preventing you from registering.

Before registration every term, you will be required to sign the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) in your Student Center. Failure to sign the agreement will result in a hold on your account. To remove this hold:

  1. Log in to WaveNet
  2. Navigate to your Student Center
  3. Look for the blue “Holds” box on the right side of the screen
  4. Click “Details”

A list of any relevant holds will be detailed with instructions on removing them.
A tutorial with step-by-step instructions for removing holds can be found here.

Step 2: Register for Classes on WaveNet

Registration typically opens in WaveNet a month before classes begin. All students are required to take core classes in order.  Please see the Advising documents linked below for more details. Step by step instructions on how to register for classes on Wavenet can be found here.

Please register for Session 1 and Session 2 courses at the same time. A full-time course of study is 8+ credit hours per term (2 classes each session). A part-time course of study is 4 credit hours per term (1 class each session—see courses marked with an asterisk for required classes).

Course Load

A full-time course of study is 8+ credit hours per term (two classes each session). A part-time course of study is 4 credit hours per term (one class each session). Remember that you must be enrolled in a minimum of 4 credit hours per term (one class each session) in order to meet the eligibility for Federal Financial Aid. 

Course Sequence

You are required to follow the course sequence provided to you below. Any deviation from the recommended sequence must be approved by Pepperdine administration and may result in removal from your courses. 

Registration Appointments 

Registration appointments  will open the first Monday of the month before the term begins. Registration appointments are tiered and based on program and unit accrual. It is vital that students register as soon as the registration window opens to maximize the likelihood to get into your preferred sections. You will register for your Session 1 and Session 2 classes at the same time.

For the general registration cycle, please see the registration calendar below. You may review your Degree Audit Report to see how many credits you have completed.

Day of RegistrationProgram
Monday, Day 1 of Reg
MLS students with 28+ units completed
All dual-degree students
MDR/LLM students with 17+ units completed
Tuesday, Day 2 of Reg
MLS students with 24-27 units completed
MDR/LLM students with 8-16 units completed
Wednesday, Day 3 of Reg
MLS students with 15-23 units completed
MDR/LLM students with less than 8 units completed
Thursday, Day 4 of Reg
MLS students with 8-15 units completed
Friday, Day 5 of Reg
MLS students with 2-14 units completed
New MLS priority deadline and early deposit students
Monday of the following week
All new MLS students

Add/Drop Policy

As outlined in the Academic Policy Statement for Online Students, students who drop a class after a session is underway will ordinarily receive a tuition refund, less the $150 withdrawal fee, based on the date the courses were dropped as follows:

  • During 1st week of classes…100%
  • During 2nd week of classes…50%
  • After 2nd week of classes…….0%

You may add or drop classes on Wavenet during the self-registration period which runs through the first week of classes. You may not add classes after Week 1 of the session. If you need to withdraw from a course after the first week of class, you must use the Registration Adjustment Form to do so. 


It is the responsibility of the student to purchase his/her own textbooks. Textbooks may be purchased through the University Bookstore or through outside providers. If you would like to purchase textbooks through the University Bookstore, please review the following directions:

Visit the bookstore website, then: 

  • Select program “All”
  • Select session (ie: Fall, Spring, Summer) 
  • Select department “LAW”
  • Select your course and section based on your registration records

Alternative websites to purchase books include, but are not limited to:

Please be advised that individual course materials are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion prior to the start of classes. For this reason, we recommend purchasing books with a return option, or contacting your professor to verify the books that he or she will be using. Please note, if you are purchasing textbooks through an outside provider, please confirm you have the correct ISBN digits.